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Interviews with solar industry leaders.

Solar Sales Part 1: The Importance of Branding - with Katherine Glass

How can you create a compelling brand for your solar contracting business? Branding expert Katherine Glass shares her insights in our Solar Sales series.

Marion WellingtonMarion Wellington

A Roofer's Guide to Going Solar - with Michelle Meier

Michelle Meier uses her extensive experience in the solar industry to help roofers add solar to their contracting businesses. She shares what she's learned.

Marion WellingtonMarion Wellington

How to Write Great Solar Sales Proposals - with Ian Lochore

A few quick tips on writing solar sales proposals from an seasoned industry salesman. Show your customer financial savings upfront and in the long run.

Gabrielle CosetengGabrielle Coseteng

Saving Millions for Low-Income Schools with Solar Carports - with the Stanford TomKat Fellows

Four Stanford students are creating solar designs on carports to help low-income schools find funding for their solar projects.

Gabrielle CosetengGabrielle Coseteng

The Best Way to Sell Solar According to a Nobel Prize-winning Economist - with Myron Scholes

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Myron Scholes talks solar sales strategy, bespoke solar designs, and what he's been doing in his free time

Gabrielle CosetengGabrielle Coseteng