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Interviews with solar industry leaders.

SEIA President & CEO Abby Hopper on Solar Policy Priorities and More

In this conversation with Abby Hopper, President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), we discuss SEIA's advocacy priorities, changes in solar markets around the country, opportunities for increasing diversity in solar, and more.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

NABCEP Leaders Discuss Solar Credentials and Industry Trends

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, NABCEP, offers respected professional certifications for solar professionals. Executive Director Shawn O’Brien discusses NABCEP programs and recent industry developments in this interview at the 2018 NABCEP Continuing Education Conference.

Samuel AdeyemoSamuel Adeyemo

The Path to a Solar-Powered Future: An Interview with Varun Sivaram

In his recent book, Taming the Sun, Dr. Varun Sivaram discusses the great potential of solar to provide much of the world's energy. But that outcome is far from assured. We spoke with Sivaram about the challenges the industry will need to overcome if solar is to become a dominant energy source.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Revitalizing Coal Country with Solar Energy: The Story of Solar Holler

Solar Holler is not your typical solar company; they provide an alternative to coal in West Virginia through affordable solar energy and solar job training.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Are Small Contractors the Future of Solar? Pamela Cargill Weighs in on the Industry's Evolution

Solar industry expert Pamela Cargill shares her observations on how the sector is evolving and what trends contractors should be keeping an eye on.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

These Practices Will Make Your Solar Business More Successful: Pro Tips from Pamela Cargill

Solar industry insider Pamela Cargill shares management best practices to help solar contractors operate more effectively and increase profits.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Getting to 100% Renewable Energy: An Interview with David Hochschild of the California Energy Commission

David Hochschild of the California Energy Commission shares his take on the current state of renewable energy policy and the future of the grid.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Financing Tips for Solar Installers: Insights from David Arfin

David Arfin, inventor of SolarCity's groundbreaking SolarLease, sat down with Aurora Solar to share some finance tips for solar installers.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

The Future of Solar Finance: Insights from SolarLease Inventor, David Arfin

David Arfin, inventor of SolarCity’s groundbreaking SolarLease, shares his predictions on the future of solar finance.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Solar Sales Part 2: Branding Best Practices - with Katherine Glass

Here at Aurora, we’re constantly thinking about how we can help you be more successful in selling solar installations. We retained Katherine Glass, founder of SpringMark and an expert in helping companies create their marketing and branding strategy, to offer some insights for solar companies. Katherine spent seven years

Gwen BrownGwen Brown