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Is Permitting Killing Your Solar Business? Help May Be An Orange Button Away.

The Orange Button Project lowers solar permitting costs and simplifies the permitting process. Here's how Orange Button works and why it's great for AHJs.

Allison RuedigAllison Ruedig

The Key Differences Between Residential and Commercial Solar

There are a number of important differences between residential solar and commercial solar projects for contractors. Whether you're considering adding commercial solar to your contracting business or want to understand how different sectors compare, our overview of 5 key differences has you covered.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

SolarAPP: The Solar Permitting Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?

The complexity of solar permitting has long been recognized as challenge for the industry, but there has not been a comprehensive effort to solve the issue to date. That's changing with a new program from SEIA and The Solar Foundation: the Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP) initiative.

Sara CarboneSara Carbone