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solar landmarks

What would some of the world's most iconic landmarks look like with solar panels?

Should We Add Solar to the National Anthem?

In our Solar Landmarks series, we “travel” to famous landmarks and investigate their potential for solar energy. This week we model Fort McHenry.

Andrew GongAndrew Gong

Which of Santa Claus’s Workshops Supports the Most Solar?

In this Solar Landmark, we explore solar designs for Santa at the Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska; Santa’s Workshop in North Pole, New York; and Santa Claus Village in Finland.

Andrew GongAndrew Gong

A Solar Design for Baseball Opening Day: The SF Giants’ Ballpark

In honor of the start of the baseball season, we used Aurora solar design and sales software to create a solar design for our local Oracle Park—home of the SF Giants. With Aurora's Draw Roof Face tool, even this complex site was easy to design solar for! We show you exactly how we did it.

Andrew GongAndrew Gong

Powering SPI: A Design for Anaheim Convention Center

Did you know SPI 2018 was partially solar-powered? To keep the fun of the conference going, we took a few minutes to model Anaheim Convention Center’s solar installation with Aurora’s new and improved design tools, in about ten minutes. Here's how we did it!

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Energy Independence for Independence Hall

In honor of Independence Day, we used Aurora solar design software to create a PV design for Independence Hall. With a solar installation like this, the birthplace of modern democracy could also help lead the way toward energy independence and a clean energy future!

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

A Solar Design Challenge: Modeling San Francisco’s City Hall

In honor of Aurora Solar's move from Palo Alto to San Francisco, we put our solar design skills to work modeling a solar installation on an iconic local landmark: San Francisco City Hall. If we can model this complex building with Aurora's SmartRoof tool, just imagine what you can do with Aurora!

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

Unlocking Commercial Solar Design Benefits with Aurora

The International Brotherhood of Electrical workers used Aurora solar design software to design a commercial solar array for their union hall, streamlining project development significantly. We walk through the design process in Aurora and the benefits it provided.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

A Flagship Building Retrofit in San Jose is Showcasing Union Solar Skills

An innovative net zero building retrofit in San Jose, with a 200 kW solar array, is showcasing the solar design and installation skills of union workers.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

A (Solar) Christmas Story

We designed a solar installation for the 1983 movie A Christmas Story (a real home in Cleveland, Ohio!) using Aurora solar design software.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

11 Clever Solar House Designs from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017

The U.S. Solar Decathlon challenges college teams to build energy-efficient houses powered exclusively by solar energy. We modeled the designs in Aurora.

Andrew GongAndrew Gong