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The Key Differences Between Residential and Commercial Solar

There are a number of important differences between residential solar and commercial solar projects for contractors. Whether you're considering adding commercial solar to your contracting business or want to understand how different sectors compare, our overview of 5 key differences has you covered.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

How Have Solar Tariffs Impacted the Industry–and What Can We Learn?

In 2018, the solar industry has been buffeted by three solar tariffs affecting the prices of imported solar components. We explain each of the tariffs and David Dunlap, VP of Operations at distributor Baywa r.e. Solar Systems, shares his perspective on how the tariffs impacted on solar contractors.

Sara CarboneSara Carbone

How Project Modeling Can Energize the Community Solar Market

Community solar can greatly expand access to solar energy, but its growth has been inhibited by uncertainty in project costs. Modeling software can fix that.

Gwen BrownGwen Brown