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Solar design tips, sales advice, and industry insights from the premier solar design software platform

COVID-19 Stimulus Package: Where Does the Solar Industry Fit In?

Solar companies will be able to benefit from the CARES Act’s long-term unemployment insurance, business loans and provisions that support employee protections.

Lisa CohnLisa Cohn

Getting Started with Remote Solar Sales

Make the transition from meeting your customers in-person to conducting your solar sales 100% remote with these key takeaways.

Sunny WangSunny Wang

Highlights of SEIA Webinar Coronavirus — Implications for the U.S. Solar Industry

SEIA recently hosted an online meeting to discuss: the possible implications of COVID-19 for the solar industry, actions SEIA is taking on behalf of the industry, and resources for solar professionals.

Allison RuedigAllison Ruedig

Should I Point My Solar Panels West to Optimize for Afternoon Peak TOU Rates?

In this post we will dive into why west-facing panels might be more advantageous than south-facing ones, and provide recommendations based on your location and how your peak time-of-use (TOU) rate works.

Andrew GongAndrew Gong

Want to Boost Your Solar Sales in 2020?  You Better Learn to TALC

As the solar market matures, competition for customers is getting fierce. Learn how to stay ahead of the game with a strategy of TALC - Teach, Ask, Listen and, Close.

Samuel AdeyemoSamuel Adeyemo

How to Read a Solar Panel Specification Sheet

A solar panel spec sheet provides valuable information about the operating parameters of a panel.

Lisa CohnLisa Cohn

Common Residential Solar Myths and How to Overcome Them

Solar energy myths and misconceptions abound—and they can be a major barrier to solar sales. We highlight common solar myths and how to overcome them.

Allison RuedigAllison Ruedig

Module-Level Rapid Shutdown: New Requirements for Fire Safety

When firefighters respond to emergencies, solar panels can present a hazard if they are still electrified. Rapid shutdown requirements help solve that.

Lisa CohnLisa Cohn

How Solar Easements Provide PV Peace of Mind

Solar easements protect solar customers from shade on their PV systems due to changes on surrounding property. Here's what to know about these agreements.

Lisa CohnLisa Cohn

The Aurora Blog’s Top 10 Articles of 2019

We take a look at the top ten articles published on the Aurora Blog in 2019. Explore these reader favorites to brush up on key issues in the industry!

Gwen BrownGwen Brown