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solar pv education 101

An introductory primer on the fundamentals of solar PV for beginners or for reference.

The Beginner’s Guide to Solar Energy

What are the important must know facts about solar energy and the solar industry for beginners? Read on to find out.

Christian BrownChristian Brown

How a Photovoltaic System Produces Electricity

What components make up a photovoltaic system? What factors will affect how much energy it will produce for my home? To find out this and more, read on.

Christian BrownChristian Brown

Reading Your Electricity Bill: A Beginner’s Guide

Electric bills provide valuable information to inform the process of installing solar, but most people don't fully understand them. We explain the nuances.

Trevor HouseTrevor House

How to Size a PV System from an Electricity Bill

How can beginners size rooftop solar array to completely offset an electricity bill? Find out by following our step-by-step guide on sizing any PV system.

Christian BrownChristian Brown

Shade Losses in PV Systems, and Techniques to Mitigate Them

Shadows cast on a solar panels are a bigger deal that one might think. Here's how you can boost the efficiency of your solar panels by controlling shading.

Christian BrownChristian Brown