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The Value of Green Button Data for Solar Customers

Green Button Data — if you’re not familiar with it, it might sound like something that a Marvel comic book villain would enjoy reviewing. But, in fact, Green Button Data is actually a very valuable tool for understanding a home or business owner’s energy usage. In this post, we’ll explore what Green Button Data is, and what benefits it pr…

Gwen BrownGwen Brown

The Importance of Modeling Global Maximum Power Point Tracking

When modeling how much energy a solar design will produce, there are many features of the components that must be taken into account to ensure an accurate estimate. One important factor that modeling software must account for in order to avoid over- or under-estimating the system’s energy production is whether or not the inverter(s) used…

David BrombergDavid Bromberg

A Roofer's Guide to Going Solar - with Michelle Meier

This is an installment of our Solar Spotlight series. Click here for our last interview! With a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and a decade of solar experience, Michelle Meier is one of those people you want in your corner and never on the other side of the ring. She is the founder of Solar Roof Services, a company that helps ro…

Marion WellingtonMarion Wellington

Saving Millions for Low-Income Schools with Solar Carports - with the Stanford TomKat Fellows

This is an installment of our Solar Spotlight series. Click here for our last interview! The students of San Ramon Valley High School have to vie for parking spots on campus. Parking is a nightmare. According to one student, the demand for spots is so high that she rents a parking space from the Chinese restaurant across the street. After…

Gabrielle CosetengGabrielle Coseteng